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Art of Ascension Courses

Learn the Art of Ascension 

as taught by the Ishayas 

  Over 2.5 days, you will learn how to use the four keys, the first four Ascension Attitudes. The course is taught by 2 qualified teachers of Ascension.   Each key can be used in a meditative practice as well as throughout your busy day.  The class will alternate practice with background information to help you understand how and why these techniques work.  The natural by-product of regular use opens the door to true freedom through expanded awareness.

Current List of Ascension Courses to Learn to Ascend (First Sphere)

Upcoming 2023 Ascender Retreats 

(for those who already use the Art of Ascension practice and wish to further their practice)

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For additional courses, The Ishaya Foundation retreat and training center provides learner retreats.

Ascension Retreats to Further your practice
Ascension Retreats at The Ishaya Foundation

 Link for Schedule of Learner Retreats 

at the Ishaya Foundation