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If our thoughts create our world, why not change your thoughts and change the world? This is what Ascension does! 

Ascension means "Rising above" thoughts of 
limitation, stress and separation. 

Battling thoughts from the surface of our mind won’t take us too far!  You could learn the Art of Ascension, an eyes-closed & eyes-open meditative practice with techniques based in Praise, Gratitude and Love that re-connect you with consciousness, release stress, increase joy, happiness and full potential of your life! Ascension requires no belief.

Here's a list of links that might be useful for finding more information about The Art of Ascension.


First, great books and gifts are available on Living Consciously as well as specifically on the Art of Ascension (e-books, too). The techniques for the Art of Ascension are never written as they are taught only from one enlivened heart to another.  However, the books can give you information about the power of the practice of Ascension.

MSI Books
Books by MSI

2.  Introductory information about Art of Ascension and Ascension Youtube videos

Visit ShiningLightOnLife Youtube for videos, testimonials, and  benefits of the practice of the Art of Ascension as taught by the Ishayas.

3. Learning the Art of Ascension Basics

In order to learn the Art of Ascension, a commitment in time is required to attend a 2 1/2 day workshop called The First Sphere.   Courses are available at The Ishaya Retreat and Training Facility or you may learn in a course near you.  If you are interested in a course at the Retreat and Training center and do not see a date or time that works for you, please call and make a request.  They are very helpful in making things happen to the best of their ability.

If you wish to attend a course in your area, you can contact The Ishaya Foundation.  Even if they cannot personally handle the course, they will assist you to find someone who will work with you depending on your needs.

Courses I am teaching are also listed on the event page. 

4.  Advanced Training for Art of Ascension
A retreat and training center, called The Ishaya Foundation, is dedicated to teaching the Art of Ascension as well as providing beginner to advanced training that includes Mastery of the Self and Teacher Training if you so desire.  

5. More Blog Articles on the Science of Ascension
These articles review some of the scientific research on the benefits of meditative practices.  It is important to realize that every practice will have some differences due to the methods utilized.  Because the Art of Ascension's approach is very specific, in that it directs the mind to the Source of All That Is, utilizing a 3 pronged approach that applies to the heart, mind, and body, the benefits of most of these studies will apply to these simple, yet profound mechanical techniques. 

Visit Ascension blog for more articles  

6.  Podcast channel
Some radio shows and podcasts are available to give you more information on the Art of Ascension as taught by the Ishayas. 

Visit  the Shining Light On Life Podcast channel for interviews and topics on Conscious Living.