Keys to Unlock the Door

Ascension means rising above limitations and fears.  It refers to the correction of both the mind and the nervous system, which in turn allows us to open to a new experience in life.  

This new experience, when repeated often, can become the foundation for a new way of living.


Each Ascension Attitude has three parts: they are constructed to affect 

  • our heart, 
  • our mind 
  • and our body.  
When used regularly, with proper instruction, they uncover more expanded states of Awareness.  They are the keys that open the door to everything.🔐

The Ascension Attitudes involves no religious beliefs; indeed they involve no beliefs of any kind.  One does not need to believe that the correct key placed in a lock will unlock the door--One need only put the key in the lock and turn it.

Take the time to learn these simple keys & put them to use in your life

The First Sphere

Over 2.5 days, you will learn how to use the four keys, the first four Ascension Attitudes in a course called the "First Sphere".  Each key can be used in a meditative practice as well as throughout your busy day.  The class will alternate practice with background information to help you understand how and why these techniques work.  The natural by-product of regular use opens the door to true freedom through expanded awareness.

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