More about the Art of Ascension

Art of Ascension as taught by the Ishayas

The Keys

Keys are now available that open rarely used pathways in the mind which produce new ways of living.  These keys have always existed, but have been taught only to a select few.  These keys are called "Ascension Attitudes". 


Simple appreciation - the force that causes Ascension; designed to shift the life toward appreciation instead of criticism or judgement.

The master key for unlocking the belief in limitations of the body, in sickness and death.
The sweetest of the first three; it is designed to heal our misconceptions about our relationship with the Creator (our Source of Love).

Clarifies the relationship of the individual with all other human beings and animals.  True compassion realizes the interconnectedness of everything.

 How to learn the Art of Ascension

Courses are available worldwide, taught by request.  Visit link for current live events to learn more about this practice. Learn the first 4 Ascension Attitudes of the Art of Ascension in a 2.5 day workshop called a First Sphere.

All courses are taught in person by teachers qualified through the Ishaya Foundation.  Two teachers are present at each course. 

Discover more about this life-enhancing practice called the "Art of Ascension" by contacting me directly.  I will happily answer questions as well as share with you the options to learn in your local area or the possibility of traveling to an event to begin your new adventure.  How to contact me