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What is Ascension and What is Ishayas' Ascension?

 Ascension vs 

The Art of Ascension as Taught by the Ishayas

This article will give an overview of what we mean by “ascension” in general as well as what Ishayas’ Ascension or Ishayas’ Meditation is. The name “ascension” has been used for many things and some have assumed it means leaving the body in order to go to heaven. Just to be clear, for our purposes, it has nothing to do with leaving the body, but rather bringing greater awareness while in this body.

Ascension is a process where the mind is expanded into greater awareness of Reality or Truth. The goal of Ascension is to know who we are from direct experience [as opposed to an intellectual concept or belief that comes from someone else], and to live from that experience, in absolute freedom.

Ascension occurs in all cultures, naturally, as it is the ultimate desire of all humans. In the west, it may be called the journey to Atonement or seeking the Kingdom of God. In the east, it might be called the process leading to Nirvana or Enlightenment.

The natural process of ascension can move more swiftly or slowly depending on choices made in life. Ascension happens when one lets go of old patterns or beliefs and expands boundaries.

The level of stress in one’s nervous system slows ascension far more than anything else. While we may believe that stress is normal, it is all a matter of perspective and belief. For example, if a child’s tire falls off their toy car, that is normally not a big deal for the parent. However, if you have a flat tire and are late for an appointment, that may seem like a different example. But is it? Or could it be just the thoughts and beliefs about life that created that stress? Worry and fear are not natural, they are artifi­cially learned and main­tained by age old beliefs and judgments about life.

The Art of Ascension as taught by the Ishayas is an ancient Teaching that offers a simple path to higher consciousness by simultaneously expanding the mind and heart. It is a series of techniques to retrain the mind away from limiting and repetitive thoughts and beliefs, in other words, it erases stress from the nervous system.

Ishayas’ Ascension is an extremely simple and fast way to move into higher consciousness through a direct experience of the Source within. Writing, reading, or listening to lectures does not expand conscious­ness; expansion happens only through direct, personal experi­ence.

Ishayas’ Ascension can be done at any time with the eyes closed or with the eyes open. The eyes closed meditative experience erases stress much more quickly than it took to adopt the stress. The eyes open practice, used throughout what could be a stressful workday, keeps stress from lodging in the nervous system.

MSI said in his book, Ascension! An Analysis of the Art of Ascension as taught by the Ishayas,

With the Art of Ascension, the wisdom needed to tread the path to enlightenment naturally develops on the basis of increasing charm of experience. Individual life starts changing more and more quickly as the stress in the nervous system decreases; all the requisite conditions for growth are met as the various part of our personality start cooperating with us. This process is natural and effortless and results in dramatic transformation of every area of human concern.”

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