Saturday, July 16, 2022

Source and Goal: The Ascendant

Many techniques lead to higher consciousness because they touch ever so briefly on the Ascendant.  However, the goal of these techniques is the external outcome – the healing, the loving feeling, the revelation, in other words, the experience.  Because that is the intent, or goal, reaching higher consciousness takes longer.

The Ascendant is the unbounded consciousness that everything comes from. It has many names or even could be called the nameless One. The name, Ascendant, just allows each of us to have a new experience of it, rather than come from all the ideas and beliefs about it that have come down through the eons.

In Ascension, we begin the Teaching with talking about innocence.  As we teach Ascension, we remind the student that we do not look for, or try to have certain experiences.  We just allow whatever happens to happen.  This allows us to begin to move deeper into the Source – the Ascendant.  Yes, there will be by-products in the manifest world when we Ascend.  However, our goal is to move ever more deeply into the Source, have a direct experience of It, become more familiar with That, and begin to live life from the Center of the Universe.

Ascension works because it is completely natural and follows natural laws. Nature provides an excellent example of how Ascension works.  In the Midwest, there exists almost no original prairie lands.   Where there is now just clay, rocks and relatively lifeless lands, people are beginning to replant prairie grasses. The first year, very little growth is seen above the surface.  Underneath however, begins to grow an entire root structure with large tap roots.  This completely changes the nature of the ground underneath, softens it, and makes nutrients more available.  The second year, with this foundation in place, the prairie may grow up to 18 feet high, new wild life is attracted and everything begins to be enlivened around it.

This is an excellent example of how Ascension works – developing tap roots and developing higher consciousness. Ascension actually restructures the mind to tap into higher consciousness.  The more we practice, the more we can tap into that Infinite Source that brings All Good to our lives.   From that, the by-products are endless because they are all coming from the Source – the Ascendant.

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