Thursday, October 28, 2021

Did you know humans make their own cannabinoid?

Did you know humans make their own cannabinoid?

Did you know there is a bliss chemical in human beings? Anandamide, the bliss chemical, is produced naturally when we pray, meditate, breath correctly, and are at peace with the world.  The name anandamide is taken from the Sanskrit word ananda, which means bliss.

In lay terms, research has found that the body has natural cannabis receptors.  This bliss chemical, a cannabinoid, is produced and consumed by your own system and has wondrous effects for your health and well-being, with no bad side effects. 

 What does anandamide do in the human? For starters: anxiety relief, appetite enhancement (compounds similar to anandamide have been discovered in dark chocolate), suppression of nausea, relief from the symptoms of glaucoma.  Anandamide is the chemical that gives you the "chills", the little orgasmic thrill you get from noticing something beautiful. It is the supreme pain killer and much stronger and more effective than morphine.   A study published in 1998 shows that anandamide inhibits human breast cancer cell proliferation.

How does that connect with the Art of Ascension?  MSI said “Praise leads to Bliss in the shortest possible time”.  We begin to live Praise, and life unfolds for us in ways that we previously could not imagine.  More of this human manufactured cannabinoid is being produced.  The first Ascension Attitude one learns is the Praise Attitude; that cuts away at our judgements about our experience of life, replacing judgement with appreciation.  Every time we use it, we are beginning to structure the highest state of consciousness.   

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

How to Meditate in Bed Without Using Your Phone

How to meditate in bed without using your phone

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As more and more people are hearing about the benefits of meditation, they are turning to all kinds of methods.  Many new apps are available as well as guided meditations and books on meditation.

Most people tend to believe that in order to “meditate successfully”, they need to learn to control their mind or turn off their thoughts and achieve a certain feeling of calmness.  Research indicates that none of this is not true.  The mind is similar to an ocean.  The surface level of the ocean has many waves which vary in size and quantity depending on a variety of circumstances.  But at the depth of the ocean, all is calm, quiet, and very still. 
The surface level of the mind experiences a variety of quality and quantity of thoughts, similar to the waves of the ocean.  But, if one knew how to dive deeply into the depths of the mind, what is commonly called the unconscious, they would find a calm and stillness. 

Due to mass consciousness and the busyness of life, the vast majority people only experience the surface level of the mind, thousands of thoughts.  On rare occasions, often involving nature or creativity, time falls away, you experience no conflict, no doubt, and no self-criticism, but have a deep calmness, possibly euphoria.  One study found that only 2% of the general population have peak experiences, but Maslow believed that nearly everyone has peak experiences. Because most people have little to no context for the experience and cannot make sense of the experience, the memory may eventually fade away. 

Peak experiences also have a physiological response, that of coherent brain waves as well as an alertness of mind and deep rest. After studying peak performers in a variety of fields, they found that peak performances often coincided with peak experiences. Said another way, the more peak experiences a person experienced, the more likely they would be successful. 

Dr. Herbert Benson from Harvard, one of the early researchers on meditation, showed through his research that given a simple and effortless technique, people began to experience coherent brain wave patterns more often, as well as deeper levels of rest than sleep.   He called this as well as his book describing the research “The Relaxation Response.”  His latest research shows positive genetic upgrades.

Ishayas’ Ascension offers a simple, effortless mental technique.  Ascension means to rise beyond.  In this case, it means to effortlessly move beyond the busy thoughts, mental filters and veils to allow the mind to dive into the depths of the mind.  As with the ocean, one does not need to stop the waves in order to experience the depths, one merely needs to take the correct angle to dive deeply. Ishayas’ Ascension charms the mind into the correct angle for the deep dive.  It is effortless and can be done by everyone.  It can even be done in bed!

With Ishayas’ Ascension, you need nothing but the technique.  You don’t need an app, music, incense, etc. as these keep you at the surface level of the mind.  So, you can meditate in bed or wherever you are!

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