Saturday, December 18, 2021

Upward Spiral of Praise

 Upward Spiraling Current in Creation

 "With lightning speed, one rises to complete consciousness once one taps into the upward flow of Creation."

There is an upward spiraling current that runs through all of Creation. Normally, we are so busy thinking 50,000-100,000 thoughts, we're not even aware of that flow.  Divine Order continually flows like a river that's taking us to our goal of going down to the ocean and becoming One with everything. We judge our life, and so instead of joining with the river, we just hold ourselves back from it.

Praise is simple appreciation. It's a driving force that takes us to deeper levels of Reality.

This video plays a clip of the sound of crickets, slowed down.  It is an example of how everything in nature praises continually, except humans. You can purchase a 30 minute audio of the crickets slowed down.

When I had an angel store, I played the track of the crickets and asked people to guess what it was.  Amazingly, the most common thing they said was, "It sounds like Angels singing the Hallelujah chorus."  

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