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3 helpful meditation tips

Advice from Researchers on Meditation -

 3 Helpful Tips 

Daniel Goleman, a science writer twice nominated for the Pulitzer Prize got together with Richard Davidson, a professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Davidson was one of the first researchers to demonstrate neuroplasticity of the brain — its ability to change in response to new information — and has been researching meditation for years. 

They looked at 6,000 published peer-reviewed articles about the benefits of meditation. Together they wrote The Science of Meditation: How to Change Your Brain, Mind and Body. 

These are just some of the findings: 
  • Benefits emerge in the beginning hours, days, and weeks of meditation.
  • “Other payoffs for novices are an increased ability to focus, less mind-wandering, and improved memory,” Goleman says. 
  • The more hours you meditate over a lifetime, the wider the array of benefits you will notice and the stronger these benefits become. 
  • With long-term meditators, there was a lower reactivity to stress as well as lessened inflammation. 
  • For those who think they can’t meditate, you may think, ‘Oh, I can’t control my mind,’ but it’s not about controlling your mind. Meditation brings discipline to the mind. 

The authors shared this advice
  1. It is important for novice meditators to have a good teacher. 
  2. Go on a retreat where someone can guide you because the data suggests that’s when people make the most measurable progress. “Feedback from a teacher is important because you can get stuck. Even though I’ve meditated for many years, I can still improve.” Goleman says. 
  3. A few minutes a day is better than nothing. “Ten minutes in the morning, ten at lunch and ten at night is a good way to start,” he suggests. Money worries, family issues or health problems may remain, but meditation helps many people to work towards creating an unworried mind.
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