Monday, March 15, 2021

Do you believe your own thoughts? Do you want to believe them?

Do you believe your own thoughts?  Do you even want to believe them?


A poll of 2,000 British workers found they spent nearly two hours every day feeling tense; spending the equivalent of 27 days a year worrying, stressing 3,676 times every year, and six in ten believe these stresses impact their well-being.

Whatever the reason for all of this stress, it may be even more concerning how people are reacting or trying to cope with all this stress:
  • According to a Credit Karma survey of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers, 52 percent said they shop impulsively to deal with feelings of stress, anxiety or depression. 
  • More than half the adults in the UK study said they like to drink to cope with their stress.

There is an alternative. The alternative is to culture a state of consciousness. If our world-view is not giving us everything we desire, if we are stressed or not filled with continual joy of life, it is neces­sary to intro­duce a new way of living, a new way of perceiving a new level of consciousness into our lives. To do this, we must allow our old, cherished beliefs to change. For it is exactly our beliefs that structure our perceptions and our world.

It is possible to retrain the mind so that the deepest grooves are those that lead to expansion of consciousness, to liberation rather than stress. The Art of Ascension charms the mind during every phase of this transformation. The mind is always greedy for more experience, more love, more peace, and more knowledge -- always more. The fortunate fact is that the field of most already lies within -- the mind just needs to learn how to take the correct angle, then the entire process is perfectly automatic.

As we align life with this new way of being, we need no longer make the choices that lead us into more stress. We can experience the events that come our way in a completely new way.

If you would like to know more about The Art of Ascension, has videos that give brief introductions about the Art of Ascension as well as the benefits of the practice.

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