Friday, January 1, 2021

What is this all about?

Shining Light on LIFE!

One might wonder what Shining light on LIFE is all about.  These are some of the statements that have stood out for me and pushed me onward:

  • From the Eastern perspective, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi talked about being able to live “200% of life”.
  • From the Western perspective, Jesus said, “I come that you might have life (Zoë) and that you might have Zoë more abundantly”.  And also about Jesus, “In Him was life/Zoë, and the life/Zoë was the light of men.”

The LIFE that we were meant to live, is not necessarily what we tend to live out. There is a consciousness, an awareness that is most often ignored by individuals.  Getting lost in the forest for the trees, most of us never recognize the Source of the ALIVENESS that is all around us, that is within us.

Within that ALIVENESS is unconditional love and compassion.  I submit, that is the Truth that we were meant to find within ourselves and bring into the world.  It will look differently for each human being.  It doesn’t require a certain set of beliefs, but an innocence to live from the moment.

In this blog, I want to explore what some of this looks like; what the research shows about this and how we might expand into that.

Please join me on this exploration.

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